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The 5th CRETAN FORUM PROMOTION OF CRETAN GOODS IN CRETAN HOTELS AND DISTRIBUTION PLACES - SUPER MARKET organize this year the four chambers of commerce in Crete, the Hotel Association of Crete and the Pan-Cretan Association of Hotel Managers, that will take place on April 2 in Heraklion Crete ( DEKK) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

The top event of the Cretan economy business aims to help the cooperation of hotel managers and farmers, in order to cover the needs of the Cretan hotels and the wider local market by local agricultural production. In addition, it will give the opportunity to the island's visitors to experience genuine products of the Cretan diet.

Our business’ participation in the 5th Forum of Cretan Products gives us the opportunity to exhibit our pure organic products and connect with representatives of hotels and distribution channels. This action is an important institution for the local market because it allows many producers to introduce their products in the Cretan hotel sector but also in the field of distribution and food networks, which are the main core Cretan economy.

Our company participates in the 5th Forum of Cretan Products in cooperation with the municipality of Phaistos, where we will have the opportunity to introduce our products, our fresh organic pomegranate juice "The Juice of Joy", our new pomegranate jam “The Jam of Joy” and our new pomegranate liqueur “The Drink of Joy.”


Askofruit Participation in the 5th FORUM of CRETAN PRODUCTS
Askofruit Participation in the 5th FORUM of CRETAN PRODUCTS