Our company Askofruit - Askoxylakis Ant. Emmanuel was founded in 2015 and it is located in the most fertile area of Crete and specifically in a village faithful to the Cretan diet and traditions, Voroi Heraklion Crete.


The year 2009 we started the planting of 2,500 pomegranate trees and every year since we increase our production with new plantings to enrich our varieties. Our pomegranates grow completely organically, with constant care and respect for our fruits and the environment in order to maintain the excellent properties of our pomegranates which have very important health benefits.


Our trees consist of local varieties like Lefaneia and Ligortyna (sweet), Greek variety Hermione (sweet), the American Wonderful (sweet and sour) as well as the Israeli Ako (sweet). Our pomegranates are collected with love and care by our organic crops, thus ensuring the excellent quality of our fruits and the fresh extraordinary flavor, intense deep red color and pure fruity aroma of pomegranate. Our main goal is to offer you directly the vital and important properties of the pomegranate through the 100% fresh organic pomegranate juice with no added sugar, preservative agents, aroma, coloring or water, and the juicy deep red seeds of pomegranate collected diligently with care and respect from our organic pomegranates.


Driven by our love for creation and development, we have recently enhanced our variety of products with the brand new pomegranate liqueur “The drink of Joy” made from pomegranate juice, organic pomegranate oil produced by cold pressing of the pomegranates’ sperms and organic pomegranate pulp that is the compressed product of pomegranate seeds (organic pomegranate puree).


Enjoy our unique fresh organic pomegranate juice and feel the freshness that offers combined with its strong antioxidant activity, giving your body all the vitamins, antioxidants, folic acid, iron and potassium that it needs daily. Taste the delicious flavor of our pomegranate seeds simply in a package and our excellent quality pomegranate jam made from natural organic ingredients with no added preservatives, coloring or fragrances.

We would be glad to welcome you at the fertile and blessed place where we grew up so that you could visit our organic orchards that do not only produce our pomegranate fruits but they are truly the pure source of wellness and health!